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Complete your home with area rugs

An area rug layered over carpet, or a hard surface puts the finishing touches on the space, pulling all the colours and textures together and adding excitement to a dull room or quiet to one that's too loudly patterned. Area rugs also add comfort, warmth and define and separate areas. Did we pique your interest? If so, come into our area rug store in North Battleford, SK, where you'll find a wide assortment of fibers, colours, patterns, and sizes.

Artwork for the floor

You can use them to create variety, get ideas for a colour scheme or accent, and highlight. When you use two different but coordinating rugs in a room creates visual interest, but be aware that the rigs should be different sizes because they can visually cut the room when they each have the exact measurements. While it doesn't need to be an exact match, the colours and patterns in each rug should work well together; otherwise, you'll have a jarring effect.

If the room is empty, you can use a rug as the basis of your colour scheme and design around that. Don't worry if the rug is multi-coloured; you can take one hue from an image or fleck and use that color also on walls or upholstery. Alternatively, you can use the rug to accent and highlight the other colours if there's already furniture in place.

Separate and divide

Today’s newer floor plans are often big open spaces that combine living and dining areas. Living room rugs to define the seating area and anchor the sofa, coffee, and end tables. Use a separate rug to delineate the dining area. This concept works for all layouts, such as when you want to section off a corner of a room or create an extra room in an apartment or townhouse where space might be premium.

Placing correctly

The rug should be large enough to fit under all significant pieces of furniture (sofa, end tables, coffee table, dining room table, etc.) with a 12 to an 18-inch extension of bare floor peeking out. If it's not possible to get it to fit under the furniture, it can be anchored by the two front legs of each piece. Just be sure there's still that 12 to 18 inches of bare space. In the bedroom, you can place two matching runners on each side of the bed.

If you don’t see any area rugs in sizes that work for your space, talk to us; we’ll help you get it customized and give you a free quote. Battlefords Flooring Centre is located in North Battleford, SK. Come in to see us, especially if you live or work in North Battleford, SK, Saskatoon, SK, Lloydminster, AB, Kindersley, SK, Prince Albert, SK or Battleford, SK.